Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sledding and Saturday.

After Landon traveling all week for work, we had a nice family Saturday together.
Lili-bug took a nice long morning nap (still hanging on to this as long as I can!),
and then we headed out to do some sledding in the neighborhood.

60,000 pounds of snow was brought in just for the kiddos. We arrived a tad late because of nap, and it was a typical Texas December with unpredictable temps. Cool in afternoon, but sunny and warm in the AM
so most of the snow was gone by the time we arrived. 

But Linley got in her ride on the sled! 

My heart!!! Love these two.
I think Landon had just as much fun as Linley.

We headed to lunch at Lopez (2nd day in a row for me after meeting a friend there Friday!).
Landon's all time favorite is this place.
I've been going with my grandmother forever (when she lived in SL) and Landon came with us once at least 5+ years ago and he's been hooked since we moved here!

After lunch I tried getting a pic of L in her cute Christmas tee.
I got a shirt for the 3 of us.
You can imagine how excited Landon was about that. Ha!

I mean, the girl as ZERO personality right?! Love her.

I made some yummy cheesy veggie chowder for dinner and then a movie after Linley loo went to bed. 
My kind of Saturday!!

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