Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trunk or Treat 2013

My little owl baby had such a fun Halloween this year. I have always had love for this holiday and the fact that it's the kick off to the holiday season. 

Last year Linley was only 2 weeks old on Halloween, so this was her first year to dress up and join in the madness! 

We went to Trunk or Treat at our church last Friday and L got to debut her costume.
And the wagon was a life saver in the huge crowd of people.
Linley relaxed and ate her goodies while Landon pulled her.

 Love these two.


 Snacking on her raisens.

Oh and our little lady bug girl joined us in the wagon!:)

First Tootsie roll!!
Dad was no fun and took it away, but she was loving it.

  My people!!!!

There was chick-fil-a there, our fave, and this girl sat in her daddy's lap and downed it.
Girl after my own heart.


 Landon disappeared for like 5 minutes and came back with cotton candy for us!
Linley was so intense about trying, so funny.
And once I let her she had no idea what to even do, but loved touching it.

This feisty little girl made it the whole night and was just happy happy!
She is such a little joy and I'm so glad she is mine!

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