Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday!

It's been a while since I linked up, so here goes!!!


Last week Linley got her first ear infection! Sad day. She has gone her whole little life without being TRULY sick or needing any kind of meds, so it was a rough time. We had to get a little ice cream treat to make the sicky feel better.


Holiday jams are here!! I picked up a couple of cute fleece pairs at Carter's last week, and just received these in the mail. Hot cocoa cuteness!!


Last year I bought some cute leopard flats from Gap, and lo and behold this year there is a baby girl version. Matchy mommy and baby is about to be happening.

Christmas is approaching so very quickly this year, so I have conned the hubs into putting up the tree this weekend. We have a fakey, and I really really love a real tree, but not sure if it's practical with a baby. No matter, a tree will be UP this weekend and our holiday cheer will commence!


And last but not least, 2 friends and I opened an Etsy shop this week!! LittleBooDesign launched on Monday and we are oh so excited about it!!! We have the cutest monogrammed ornaments and baby bows that would make the perfect stocking stuffer for your little cutie ;)


  1. stopping by from the link up! congrats on your Etsy shop, I'll definitely have to check it out, love that monogrammed ornament! happy friday!

  2. She is too too cute!! Heading over and checking out your shop now! -Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Those baby leopard flats are so stinking cute!

  4. Found you through the link up. Love all the Christmas stuff baby edition--adorable!! Congrats on the etsy shop!!


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