Monday, October 14, 2013


Wow, so behind. This always happens. How about a little photo overload catch-up??

-We've had lots of fun Lopez dates with friends lately. I like to take pics before we go out for lunch/dinners to catch our little crew all fancied up.

-Lots and lots of walks have been happening. I like to let Linley out to play in a nice shaded area by the lake in our neighborhood to break up our walk and make it last a little longer.

Our little baby bestie, Heidi came on a little stroll with us Friday, but this was the best pic we could get...

-Linley, Heidi, and Macie had their first little bubble tea play date at Dolce Tapioca!! Cutest thing ever. Linley clearly enjoyed it..


-This Saturday we went to our little friend Maggie's Pumpkin Patch 1st birthday. Such a cute theme and the party was perfect!!! Happy birthday sweet Maggie!!

Lili with daddy. None of me, as usual, but swears I was there.

Dying over this picture!!! I know Linley is going to do the exact same thing.

Linley with the birthday girl.

-Party prep is underway! I made this little birthday headband for the party this weekend. Starting to get a little stressed, but finally seeing it all come together is a major relief!

-My friend Emily made Linley this little halloween bucket, complete with a doxie!!! soooo cute.

I'm sure there is so much more but enough pics for now!!!!

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