Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the vet, a pink party, and a new chair.

We are having a low key week here this week. My new bible class started last Tuesday and we already missed this week's:/. Trigger is having major neck issues and a little limping scare sent us straight to the vet Tuesday morning. Surgery is probably on our horizon, but for now a little laser a few times a week is our plan. The appointment was during nap time, but Linley was a champ as soon as Wanda gave her a balloon. Balloons are a new fave ever since her birthday shoot this weekend!

Party planning is in full force over here! So much so that MY birthday is in exactly one week and I keep forgetting. Mom probs. Our birthdays are totally overshadowed by our babies, but I am 100% ok with that.
I finished up making her little name banner today. We used it in the 1 year pics and it was mostly done, but not complete. This is just an almost finished picture, but I love it! And one of our guest rooms has officially turned into party headquarters. Pom-poms and pink galore!

I like to get out and run little errands on days we don't have real plans, so yesterday we went to Homegoods just to look around. Lo and behold I found something I neededddd. Not really, but kinda. I've been on the hunt for a chair to go in our bedroom, and every time I have money burning a hole in pocket to be spent, nada. So of course I would find the perfect one while not looking. I called the hubs and he gave the go ahead, so here she is in her new little corner of our room! Sorry for the doxie photo bomb.

It's the perfect light gray color, and I'm so glad I got it! Tag's still on to get Landon's approval though ;).

So happy tomorrow is Thursday!!! Almost the weekend people!!! :)))))

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