Monday, September 9, 2013

San Antonio, Pictures, Ice cream, and a Monday.

This weekend we FINALLY were able to make it to SA to meet our new little niece. Lili and I wore pink to meet her!

Sweet baby Leyton. So happy to finally meet you sweet girl!

I carried her around a little in the ergo and I loved carrying a little baby around again:)

I love watching my baby play with her cousins. And Linley LOVED giving Laney kisses. Seriously everytime they were together, Linley was trying to lay one on her.

Cousin bath time:)

We came home Saturday just in time for the last half of the Aggie game. And we won!! I didn't really get to watch, because I was trying to get ready for Linley's pics the next day.

They were bright and early Sunday morning and Linley Loo was a stinker for them once again. No tears or breakdowns, but she never smiles during them. But Allison still managed to once again capture such great shots. 

Here is a little screen shot sneak peak!!! Blowing kisses the whole time :)

We had a little ice cream date before dinner again and I don't think this girl minded one bit.

And now it's Monday again. Sadness. I live for the weekends these days. But we made it fun with Target, Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and Homegoods. And even a little fall crafting. I know it's early, but I just had to do it.

Happy Monday, y'all.

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