Monday, September 16, 2013

our weekend!

This Friday, we met up with our friends Veronica and Maggie and Linley got to go on her first trip to the zoo!!  They live not too far from us, but I had yet to meet Miss M. The girls are only 6 days apart in age and so cute together.

We rode the carousel and Linley HATED. Terrified of it. She literally has never hugged me as tightly as she did while we were riding that thing!

But sweet Maggie loved it!

I ended up getting us a zoo membership, because I have a feeling we will be going a lot when the weather gets cooler!!

Friday night we went to dinner with our friendsies at Jupiter Pizza and Waffles. So yum. It was our first time trying and I highly recommend the Angry rooster pizza and s'mores waffle!

Saturday was Aggie game day. Ahh. Stressful. Landon invited some co-workers over to help cheer on the Aggie's, but we just couldn't pull it out in the end. But Linley sure looked cute in her A&M gear!

Oh and one of L's work friends-Karen-just went to London and brought over the cutest little Harrod's rubber ducky for Linley!

We had our First Family last night and had a great night with friends and fellowship. What a happy weekend we had!!!

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