Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day we traveled home to Abilene for a funeral and to celebrate the life of my great-grandmother. It was a long trip, but so worth it to see family and reminisce over the life of our grandma. She lived a long and happy 96 years and Linley was able to be here in time to meet her and complete our 5 generations for a short time! 

Oh Linley Loo. You definitely only slept for 20 minutes out of the whole 6 hour trip down to Abilene. Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! We re-watched the same episode over and over, but I didn't even care at that point.

We had lunch with a life-long friend, Julie and her husband. Linley loved her! She hadn't seen Julie since she was maybe 2 months old -since we don't like making the long trek to A-town often- but she went to her right away! And clearly loved sitting in her lap downing tortillas:)

Linley swimming at my parent's with my cousin's baby girl, Piper and practicing her touchdown pose! She is such a fish baby. Loves the water.

While our reason for the trip was sad, we had happy times with our family there. So thankful for this picture of all 5 of us. It was taken last Thanksgiving when Linley was only 4 weeks old. I was still swollen and hated the pic at the time, but now it is a treasure!! We miss you and love you Grandma!!!

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