Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birthday and weekend recap!

Last week I turned 26!
Landon was out of town, but he sent me some sweet prezzies and flowers to make up for it.
And friends took me to lunch and brought sushi and cupcakes for dinner, so I had a great day!!

My MIL sent me edible arrangements for a sweet treat!

Lili and Livy 

Landon was home Thursday night, so we got to have a long weekend and do a little more celebrating.
He was awesome and let me go get my hair done Friday while he took over baby duty for the day. 

Saturday, we had lunch with friends and waited for my parents to get in town. 
They came in Saturday afternoon with presents and thumbprint cookies!

Loving my new fall door hanger from them!!

We went to an early dinner at Lopez before the Aggie game.

Linley loved her some mexican food and coloring!

 After dinner we went for dessert at Marble Slab. It's kind of our weekly treat. And Linley loves it.
Please excuse the thousand pictures of her eating it. She's just so happy!!!

Sunday we went to church and lunch after with friends.

I had to run to HEB to pick up ingredients for guac to take to our First Family, and they had pumpkins!!!
We had to get a few:)

We ended up having to miss FF and had to take Trigger in to the emergency vet because he had an episode where he couldn't walk. Thankful for friends who took Linley for us so we didn't have to wrangle a cranky baby in a vet office for 2 hours.

Trigger had surgery early this week and we get to pick him up tomorrow!!
Hoping he is healed and can't wait to see him! My first little baby.

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