Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Oh Linley Loo.
You are 11 months old today!!!!
I can't believe how quickly time has passed us by.
A year will be here any minute.

You are a fiesty little one.
You are still teeny in size, 17ish pounds, but you are a mover.
Crawling every where since 6 months and you have taken 3 steps at the most so far, but I know you can do more!

So far you have 6 teeth and I can feel 2 more are about to grace us with their presence.

You can do a few tricks:
Blowing kisses-- a fave!
GIVING kisses-- another fave! you love to do this to your friends and your puppies, but not always when mommy asks you to
Waving bye bye
Throwing your arms up when we yell touchdown!

You love to say da-da the most.
Momma some.
And bye bye as of today!

You still love your mommy over everyone else, but you so love your daddy too and are warming up to others. 
Still not loving the guys though, but that's ok with me.
You get really shy when people you don't know try to talk to you and put your hands over your eyes.

You love your little friends and stealing Heidi's paci.
So thankful for your little baby friends!

Bath time is a favorite for you.
You love to stand at the tub and babble until it's time to get in.
But if we take away your foam letters or try to get you out, it's ON. 
You are not so happy when that happens.

You are a champ at sleeping.
Down at 6 and up at 7.
It wasn't easy getting you into this routine, but it is so nice to not be waking up at night anymore.
Naps vary, but I always leave you in your crib at least an hour even if you are up and usually you are ok with just sitting and talking, unless you are just having an off day.

You LOVE to eat.
Pretty much you eat what we eat now.
Cheese, chicken, broccoli with melted cheese, and ice cream are favorites.
You love your puffs and yogurt melts when we are out and about and love to steal food from your friends too.
Drinking water with a straw is so fun for you.
You are still nursing 4x a day and I am so happy we have made it this long.
A year was my goal and we are almost there!!!
You CRACK UP when we play peek-a-boo in your tent.
Oh your laugh is just the best.

I'm sure there is so much elseI am forgetting, but that's how it goes I guess.

Lili we love you so!!!!!
Happy 11 months sweet girl!!!

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