Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sooo, finally posting about the weekend...

We started off our Friday with a fun little play date with Heidi and our new little twin friends, Nora and Zoe. Oh my, it was the cutest thing. Bows galore. And like having 2 sets of twins with the big girls!!

Friday night was dinner at Lopez, with Landon's co-worker and wife and their little baby Quentin! He's a fellow red head, so L was loving their baby date. And her first balloon animal!

Saturday we ran some fun errands to Gap and World Market. I picked this up to help corral the toys in our living room. And to give me something else to decorate;)

Saturday night we went over to a friend's for swimming and a BBQ. I dunked Linley for the first time and was TERRIFIED. She didn't even blink, of course, but I was still a little traumatized after. Ha! Such a big girl.

Sunday we skipped church to say goodbye to our daddy who had to work in Midland this week, but went to the outlets with Laura and Heidi in the afternoon to keep us busy. Thankful for friends to pass the time when Landon travels!!

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