Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday!

Hmm... Clearly I can't get my act together to post anything except this, but! That's ok because I love this link up!


We have had such a fun little week with friends. I big, puffy heart LOVE watching Linley play with little Heidi. They are so close in age and are so cute to watch. And I die when I see Linley lean over and plant a big one on her;) Kissing is her new thing and seeing her doing it when I don't ask her is THE sweetest.


Ahh. Halloween. One of my fave holidays. We had to go to PBK and pick out Linley's costume over the weekend. I couldn't even wait to order it. And I'm glad we did, because we had to size up surprisingly. I can not wait to see this little toot toot wearing her sweet owl costume this Halloween!


And I most definitely have already ordered her these Halloween jammies and cute little dress and we received over the weekend and they are PRESH. Baby Gap for the win.


Speaking of owls... I picked this up for her at a little shop here and thought it would be perfect for Thanksgiving! I know that's still a while from now, but it was too cute to pass up!!


I am officially in first birthday planning mode. We aren't going to do anything crazy, huge, but I still want her day to be really sweet. I have been thinking of the perfect first birthday gifts and while we were at PBK, picking out costumes, I turned around at one point and saw this.

Daddy said he loved it and we needed it, so I'm thinking this would be such a cute present. She LOVES rocking and jumping and bouncing so it's perfect!


My MIL introduced my to Dr. David Jeremiah and the Turning Point Ministry a while ago, but the last month I have really been making the time to listen to his daily devo/sermon. I downloaded the app to my iphone, and follow along using the Bible Gateway app on my ipad. I encourage you to try this if you have been struggling with quiet time. I love the Jesus Calling devo and still do that, but this is a little more in the word and Dr. Jeremiah speaks such great truths. And none of the messages are longer than about 28 minutes, with some of that just being announcements and closing. So great when you are trying to sneak it in during naps ;)

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  1. I am absolutely dying over that precious Halloween costume!! My little guy was an owl for his first Halloween too and it was hands down, my most favorite costume ever!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has already bought Halloween jams!! I just couldn't help myself.

    So glad you joined our little link-up! Happy weekend ahead!


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