Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Our weekend started with a trip to the doc for Linley's 9 month appt which was a bummer, but we still had a fun weekend!

My sister sent me this text around lunch on Friday and it pretty much made my day. We don't have family nearby to babysit and I still feel weird about leaving L with someone we don't really know, so Landon and I don't get to go out much without the girly. So a date night was so appreciated!

Landon is such a sucker for kitties and pretty much any animal in general, so he decided this little kitty that he found in our yard needed to be ours. So Friday afternoon we took him to the vet to get all of his shots, but this guy was not feeling the car ride. Hilarious. He stayed like that the whole time.

Saturday morning, Landon babysat so that me and sister could go get mani/pedis. She brought her pup (the brown and white one) with her this weekend and Landon sent me this picture while we were gone. Best friends;)

Some friends came in town to visit and meet Linley for the first time and since Paige was in town, we were able to go to lunch and a movie with them on Saturday. It was so nice! I love love Lili, but it's good for Landon and I to get out sans baby every once in a while too.

We skipped church and went to an early brunch at our fave Black Walnut on Sunday before our friends left town. Linley got to try her very first bite of pancake! She loved! They do have the best pancakes.

We ended the weekend with a little shopping and then tried out a new small group Sunday night and had so much fun! Even though Linley was NOT in a great mood and was teething and cranky the whole time. But we have a third tooth! It cut through yesterday, PTL! It is on the bottom, which is weird because I thought the uppers would be next, but I'm glad she got a little relief. Hope everyone had a happy weekend!:)

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