Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back at it.

Wow. It's been way too long since I've logged into blogger. I keep wanting to get on and post because I have so much to post about, but then I think about how far behind I am and it just overwhelms me. So, a brief catch-up from the past few months will have to do:)


Linley turned 6 months old and had some pictures taken in the bluebonnets. I randomly found Allison Craig with Lentille Photography while searching for a local photographer online and we have used her for pics since Linley's newborn session! She does the best job and clearly people are catching on because she is busy busy these days!

Linley became a crawling MACHINE a week after she turned 6 months. Good grief this girl can move.


We traveled to College Station for my sister's ring day. I hadn't been back to CS since graduation and I really kind of missed it!


We did a little strawberry pickin' over the Cinco De Mayo weekend.

I got to celebrate my official first mother's day since last year Lili was just a bitty girl in my belly. We went to Abilene, got to see all of our family, and ended the weekend with the tradional Mother's Day lunch at Perini's!

Linley turned 7 months old! Big girl.


Linley's first time at the pool! To say she loved it would be an understatement. Good thing because Houston is hot, hot in the summer.

We celebrated Landon's first Father's Day in the Houston airport on our way to Saint Martin! It was Linley's first time on a plane and she did so great considering she is on major schedule when we are at home.

L turned 8 months old on the fabulous beach in SXM!!



The first 4th for Linley was perfect. Landon was off from Wednesday afternoon-Monday so we were able to celebrate the 4th and Landon's birthday during a long relaxing weekend.

Landon's parents came in town on the 5th and we drove to Galveston for the day. We ate, shopped, and Linley took her first ferry ride.

Landon turned 27 on that Sunday, so spent the day doing all of his favorite things. Brunch at his favorite black walnut cafe, and errands at his boy stores:)

Linley started walking with her walking toy and walks with ease along the couch. I have a feeling our days of crawling are dwindling! I know we have done so much more, but a little is better than nothing.

And if you follow me on insta -laurenberg23- I'm sorry that most of these are repeat pics. Insta has totally taken over blogging for me. I'm going to try harder though, because I know I will love looking back at all of these times in the years to come.

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