Friday, July 19, 2013

9 months!

Linley turned 9 months old on Wednesday! I swear months 6-9 have flown by.

We had her check-up today and yay for no shots at 9 months!! She did have to get her foot pricked for the anemia test though, and was NOT happy about it.

Linley Loo weighs 16.6 pounds (11th%) and is 27.25 inches (40th%). Definitely a tiny girl, but she has been crawling for almost 3 whole months, so she is working off a lot of her calories I think. Lately I can tell she has started to pack on a few pounds though. Her potbelly was outrageously cute in this outfit.

I attempted some 9 month pics, but you can tell how well that went:)

At 9 months:

We are crawling! Non stop crawling with this one. She is everywhere.

She has mastered her walking toy and loves to crawl over to it, stand up, and take off!

She is obsessed with opening and closing doors, cabinets, etc.

Pulls up on everything she can. Her favorite thing being mommy's legs anytime I need to get something done.

Sleeping is so-so. She used to be awesome, then regressed, and now she is back to waking up once and if she happens to wake up another time I just let her cry. The first time we tried this was NOT fun, but each night the crying has gotten less and less and the day time naps have gotten longer (I know I prob just jinxed myself) so I am happy.

She loves loves her puppies. The squeals she let's out when she sees them are the best.

She is a waving machine!! I haven't caught it on video yet, but it's the sweetest wave eva.

She is an amazing eater. Never turns down anything I give her, but most definitely let's me know when she's done. She has quite the little attitude these days when it comes to not wanting something. We rarely do purees anymore, but have moved to real fruits and veggies, which she loves. Blueberries are a favorite for her!

Says Ba-Ba and Da-Da! You don't even know how happy her daddy is that she said da-da first:)

Still only 2 teeth, but she has been working in her tops for AT least a month. I can feel them and they are huge, but nothing yet. These are most definitely hurting her much more than her bottoms. Some days she just bites down hard on whatever is close by (toys, books, the floor ;)...) and screams because she is hurting. Makes momma sad. But we do the tablets and hoping our day comes soon for them to break through! The doctor today did say that she thinks they will be here any day- before the end of July for sure! She said no denying they are coming in. She could feel almost her whole tooth and could see it, so I am taking her word for it!

She has refused all cups and bottles for MONTHS, but after seeing me drink out of my water cup every day that has a straw, she has decided drinking water out of her straw cup is pretty awesome. If she sees any cup with a straw she will let you know that she needs some water!

Still scared of all guys except her daddy, but I'm ok with that:)

Mum mums are her fave little snack and I am so thankful for them because they are the only way I can get some peace on walks or while grocery shopping. I don't give them to her at home, so when we are out it is kind of a special treat for her.

Still a little thumb sucker! She loves that thing. I have a feeling that will be one hard habit to break later, but it comforts her now so that's ok. When she's sad or getting sleepy, she likes to suck her thumb and rub my hair in her face. Hair=love for her. She tries to love on everyone's hair, even her daddy's.

Passed out on the way home from the doctor this morning.
Oh little girl, these past 9 months have been my favorite. The countdown is officially on for your first birthday! Just thinking about it makes me a little sad...

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