Monday, April 1, 2013

pre-Easter fun and a tooth!

We had such a fun Easter weekend this year!
We decided to just stay in town and have Easter with the 3 of us since traveling a long way in the car with a baby who hates her car seat is not fun.
It was a little sad, but we made the best of it.

Before every holiday, Landon's company always lets them out half a day early,
so our fun started on Thursday afternoon!
I had an appt to get a cut and highlights, so LB was on daddy duty.
He brought li li up to the salon about halfway through so he could also get his hair cut and so I could feed her, since she is a naughty baby with that bottle lately. 

And he brought me up some Whataburger fries. I've been weirdly obsessed with them since about 2 months before I had Linley.
I don't know what the deal is. Can't get enough.

Friday I ran a few last minute Easter errands.
I had to get a few more things for Easter baskets, and for our lunch.

With the little wild woman.
She's turned into a crazy girl whenever I hold her lately.
Always wants to be standing!

We had ordered a dining table (finally! feel like real adults now:) )
so Landon waited around on it to be delivered and cooked out some yummy dinner for us.
On the weekends he always takes on dinner and breakfast duty.
I love it and appreciate it SO much.

Oh and we figured out Linley got her first tooth!
I was sitting in the back with her on our way to World Market and she grabbed my finger and took a bite of it.
She does it a lot but this time I felt a tooth and it HURT!
 Such a big girl!!

Saturday Landon tackled our table so we could sit at it for Easter lunch.
 I supervised and made a Starbucks run for us. :)

Such a good daddy doing projects for me on the weekend!

We went to Chipotle for a late lunch date then made a run to Target.

I was just looking for a rug for our bedroom, but good grief I can never get out of that store without spending all of my money.

Oh and this weekend my parents booked us a vacation for this summer to St. Marten!
Kind of nervous about taking Linley, but I can't wait to take my girl to the beach.
And I got a hat for vaca on our target trip-- sister you need one now!

....posting Easter day next!

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