Monday, March 4, 2013

the weekend.

I'm trying to get back into my old blogging routine so that I can remember all of our days with our little one. I post on insta regularly, but I have been using that in place of blogging. So anyway, here goes..

A few bullets for ya..

-this weekend started on Thursday night for us because it was Landon's friday off. Friday I had a dentist appointment, so Landon took Linley to Lowe's. So funny. Glad she can take my place in that store...
-we decided to try some sleep training with L this weekend. She is 4 months and has majorly screwed up her 6-8 hour sleep stretches, so as much as I hate it, it was time. She screamed for a while, but then flipped over to her tummy and passed out. I was worried all night, but we got 6 hours out of her and she has slept on her tummy every night since then so I am thinking tummy sleeping is here to stay for this girl!

-Saturday we ran errands, went to HEB, and after the girl went to bed Landon grilled us steaks for dinner. It's officially grilling season in Houston!

-we started watching Game of Thrones- season 1 on Saturday night. Can I just say, most INAPPROPRIATE show ever!!!! yet we are addicted....
-me and the girl did a little matchy matchy for church on Sunday. Don't even care that I'm that mom.

-daddy and baby. my 2 favorites.

-L has started sucking her thumb lately to soothe herself when she's upset. I don't really want it to become a habit, but it is so dang cute.

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