Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 months.

Oh sweet girl, how are you 5 months old?!
I can't even believe it.
You are still the sweetest little baby.

You have turned into quite the little thumb sucker.
You are constantly sucking on your left thumb, 
and your daddy and I think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

You have learned how to spit!
My how hilarious it is.
It's your newest trick.

I took you to the nursery this week for the first time while I went to a bible study.
You lasted 1.5 hours, 
but then I got a call to come and get you;)
Good thing babies are welcome during the study or else I may not make it 6 weeks,
because you definitely know when your mommy is not holding you.
I didn't think babies had stranger anxiety already,
but I really think you do.
Me and daddy are your favorite.
It takes you a bit to warm up to everyone else, that's for sure.
But you do eventually!

You have started sleeping so much better!
And only on your tummy.
I think the day you learned you could roll over and go to sleep helped out SO much.
I don't want to jinx it,
but lately you have only had one wake up during the night and I feel like a new woman with all this sleep I'm getting!
Your naps are getting better too.
They are at least an hour and you take 2-3 of them.

Speaking of sleeping,
the last week and a half you have been sleeping in your very own crib!
The first night was a little rough, 
but the very next night you slept 10 hours straight.
You are doing so great!
I really didn't want to move you upstairs all by yourself,
so I have been sleeping in the guest room next to yours.
I think next week though maybe I can leave you up there all alone.

You are LOVING oatmeal.
We did rice for a couple of weeks,
but I felt like you were ready for the oatmeal and I was right!
I even mixed a little fruit in there a few days ago and you gobbled it right up.

You aren't sitting yet, 
but you are trying!
I let you try a little by yourself and sit right behind you to catch you when you fall, 
but you usually last at least a couple of seconds by yourself!
Big girl.

I can't even believe in one month you will be HALF A YEAR old!!

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  1. She is beautiful! It goes by so fast but it is so much fun! My Harper just turned four months old,


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