Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Li Li sent out some sweet little cards to some of her favorite Valentine's this year!

It has been so sweet to spend today with my littlest Valentine.
We have done some last minute crafting for dad, run errands, and got a few presents wrapped for L too.
Little girl herself has already gotten some treats from my parents and grandparents, and they even sent a little vday monies my way.:)

Of course I have already picked out just what I NEED to spend my money on.
I'm thinking I am going to order this ASAP to put in the kitchen.

I hope everyone has the most special day today!
I know it's a corny holiday, but I love it.
Just one more day to show our favorites how much we love them.

Landon is taking us out to a nice dinner at Perry's tonight.
Let's hope little girl behaves herself...

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  1. Happy first Valentine's day Linley girl! Hope y'all have fun celebrating :)


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