Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 months.

So little girl is almost FOUR months old, but I'm so behind on here I haven't even done her 3 month post. So here goes...

 Linley Lou, at 3 months you are such a big girl. You have officially rolled over, but only a few times. I know anyday now you will just surprise me and start rolling nonstop. I think your new trick has messed up your sleeping schedule though. You used to sleep good 6-8 hour stretches and now you are waking yourself up kicking in the night every few hours. Mommy is TIRED. But your sweet smiles in the middle of the night make it so worth it. 

This month you had your first little ailment. I noticed your left eye looked a little swollen one day, then just thought I was being silly. Well dad noticed it too, so we took you into the doctor, who had no idea so she referred us to a pedi ophthalmologist. Well after some major swelling over the weekend, we took you in to get some immediate treatment because we were worried. The dr we saw thought it was a clogged tear duct. I wasn't so sure, but we got some meds and they seemed the help for a few days. I kept our appointment with the original doctor we were supposed to see who thought it was a stye. So we are going with that for now, but the doc said it could be MONTHS before it goes away. Thankfully it looks so much better than it did that weekend and doesn't seem to bother you at all, but still not 100%. We will get there though! And you are still a beauty even with a little swollen eyelid.
 Let's see.. You are getting better at the Bumbo, but it's still not your favorite. 

You are definitely a mommy's girl, but oh how you love your daddy! I think your favorite time of day is when he gets home. 

Baby girl, your daddy and I love you oh so much! We are so blessed by you everyday. I can't believe you are already THREE months old!

..............OVER the pictures.:))

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  1. She is precious! She sounds a lot like my little Harper who just turned 3 months last week! They are so much fun! I hope you guys get her eye problem figured out soon! It can be so frustrating when you don't know what is going on! I just found your blog and started following! I would love if you stopped by sometime!


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