Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012.

We headed out to Abilene at about 5 am on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving.
It's a 6 hour trip anyway, but we knew it was going to be much longer with a baby and that we would have to stop a few times, so we decided to just get an early start.
And we were up anyway :)
It was hilarious how much stuff we had to cram into our car just because we added one little munchkin to our crew.
5 days of being gone, the two of us, 2 dogs with their cage and other junk, and a baby girl with a suitcase bigger than mine made for an interesting  road trip.

Anyway, we finally made it to Abilene and we were only an hour later than usual, so that wasn't too bad.
And Linley was such a trooper in the car! 
She slept the entire time except when we stopped to feed her.
So grateful for that, because it could have been one miserable 7 hour trip if not.

As soon as we got to town we stopped by Landon's so his parents could see Linley before they left for Dallas, then we headed to my house.
We took a few family pics for my mom's Christmas card, then went to dinner for my sister's 21st birthday!
It was Linley's first time to Abuelo's too!

Everyone came over after dinner to have cupcakes and see little Linley.

Love these sweet pictures of Landon and his little girl.

She always tries nursing on his nose!

Little turkey in her Thanksgiving jams before bed on Wednesday.

Thanksgiving day we spent at my house with all of the family and it was such a great day.
 I even made an apple pie!

 Thanksgiving nap.


My great-grandmother came to have lunch with us, so we took a picture of all 5 generations of us!
So great.

 So much to be thankful for this year!!

Friday we did a little mall and Target wondering.
I had already gotten most of my gifts before Thanksgiving and I don't really get into the Black Friday shopping, but it was nice to just get out a little. 
And I never miss a chance to have Coastal Cookies:)

little shopper ready for the mall

 Landon's family came back in town Friday afternoon, so we headed over to see them for a bit and then back to my parents so Linley could finally meet her (2nd?) cousin Piper!

Saturday we packed all of our stuff up and drove down the street to stay with Landon's fam for the night.
So thankful our parents are only a few minutes away from each other!

Sunday we had Linley baptized at our home church by the pastor who did our wedding.
A lot of our family came and it was such a sweet morning.
Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to have our little girl dedicated to the Lord and to make me realize how truly blessed I am to be this little girl's mommy and to do this parenting thing with Landon.
We don't always do it perfectly, but there's noone else I would rather experience it with!

Kind of blurry but we had so many there to celebrate our sweet girl!

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