Sunday, November 18, 2012

One month.

Baby girl I can't even believe you turned one month old yesterday!!
In some ways it seems like just yesterday we saw your sweet face for the first time,
and in others I don't know what we did before you.

You are seriously the sweetest little baby.
You are a great little eater and sleeper.
We are slowly getting into a routine during the day and I think we have a bedtime routine figured out.
Usually you go to bed around 9:30 and wake up around 3:30 almost every night.
Pretty good I think!
And you don't even cry when you wake up, I just hear you grunting and look over and see your little eyes trying to open.

Last night you must have known you were getting bigger, because you didn't wake up until 4:50!
Amazing how an extra hour makes you feel so much more rested.

Did I mention you are the loudest sleeper EVER??
It's hilarious.
Each night while you are trying to go to sleep you just grunt away, 
and same thing when you are trying to wake up.

This morning you gave your daddy your first real smiles I think!!
At first I thought it was just your usual gassy smiles, but you did it so many times while he was talking to you that I am pretty sure they were for real.
I think you knew he was about to leave us to go to the Texans game, so you were trying to convince him to stay.
It ALMOST worked:)

Most of your days are just eating, sleeping, and tagging along on errands with me, but you are slowly becoming more alert and stay awake a little longer between feedings.
I love it.

We think you may have your daddy's red hair!
It's hard to tell and will probably be a strawberry blond, but sometimes it looks light brown.
I told Landon I was pretty sure it would be reddish and he told me, "that would be perfect."
He wants you to be just like him!

Your eyes are still blue, but who knows what they will be even a month from now.
No way did I think I would have a baby with blue eyes!

I'm not sure how much you weigh, since we don't go back to the doctor until December, 
but I am certain you are getting much much bigger.
You feel so much heavier when I hold you, and you are for sure giving your mommy some muscles carrying you around.

We still aren't really sure who you look like--
At first everyone thought me, but I think you are looking more like your daddy every day.
But you do have my eyebrows for sure!

You weren't really feeling the pictures yesterday  (and you were a little milk drunk and about to fall asleep in all of them) but that's ok.
I just can't wait to look back on these one day!

Happy one month little girl!!!

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