Monday, November 19, 2012

L's nursery!

Ahh better late than never on posting these pictures huh?

We finished up the nursery a few weeks before Linley arrived, but I never got around to taking any pictures until now.

These pictures really don't do the room justice at all.
It looks so much better in person, but I'm NO photographer, so these will have to do.

As soon as we moved into this house,
we dubbed the smallest room the nursery.
It had the biggest closet with a cute little window in it, and I figured babies don't really need much room anyway.

hmm, probably should have picked up before I snapped this pic.

The little dress is the one I came home from the hospital in!

The wall color was nowhere close to what I had wanted, but no way was I going to make Landon repaint it all, so I just went with it.
In some lighting it looks light gray, some times dark gray, some times purple.
Supposed to be light gray. Ha.

I still want to hang some book shelves,
and I still am wanting to have some of her newborn pics framed and hung up, but that's not done yet.
My next projects though.

Anyway, I love her little room.
Even though it doesn't look like much here, it is so perfect and just what I had imagined it would be.
Only made better by the little girl that lives here!!

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  1. I love it! And that always happens to me with walls, too. But it looks great!


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