Friday, November 16, 2012

L and I.

Monday was the very first day that Linley and I have spent ALL alone.
I admit, I was kind of nervous at first.
Sure, we have spent a few hours alone, but never a whole DAY.

But this week has been the best yet.
I have loved getting to know my girl, and love the naps she takes in my arms.
She's such a sweet baby.
I don't know how I got so lucky.

We try to get out every day just to run an errand or two, and to have a little glimpse of the outside world.;)

We have done lots of Christmas shopping, Chick-fil-a eating, and Target wondering.
Such perfect days to me.

her favorite nap spot on my chest.
mine too.

sleepy shopper girl.

in her crib!
just for a quick pic tho:)
mommy's not ready for that yet.

little stinker with that eyebrow.

the pictures aren't the best-- finally got a new memory card for my camera on one of our many trips to the big T, so they will hopefully be improving soon-- but I love these little memories! 
And loved our first week together Linley Blaire!!

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