Friday, November 9, 2012

Just us 3.

Landon and I were lucky enough to have my parents and his come and help out after little girl arrived, so this past week was our first with just us three. And Landon took off work for the whole week so we could spend LOTS of time together.:) 
 We did a lot of sleeping in, loving on our girl, and had a few firsts. 

She made lots of trips to Target. The girl wasn't impressed, but I'm sure that will change soon.:) 

 She cheered on the Aggies on Saturday-I think she may be their lucky charm! 

 Sunday before Halloween, we took L to her very first Pumpkin Patch. She slept almost the entire time, so mom and dad were able to enjoy a yummy funnel cake and pick out the most perfect first pumpkin for her.

 Monday we had lots of dr appts and bitty girl did so good. She gave us sleepy smiles all day. 

 The girl even got out to vote! Too bad our guy didn't win... 

 And we had the very best Halloween this year with our daddy home! We got up early and went to target for some candy, I got to go get a mani/pedi, we went on our very first walk with the puppies, then spent the night handing out candy to trick or treaters, eating chili, and holding our little pumpkin. 

 Thursday we took L out to an early dinner to her daddy's favorite! Lopez! Angel girl slept the whole time.

 Friday we spent the day relaxing and waiting on my mom to get into town-she just couldn't stand to be away from her baby any longer, so she had to come spend a week with us!:) 
 Landon and I had the very best first week alone with our baby girl and I am so so blessed and thankful for this life I have.

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