Thursday, September 6, 2012

labor day weekend&getting ready for L.

We had grand plans to meet Landon's sister and her family in South Padre for Labor day this year, but those plans didn't play out. Thursday before we were supposed to leave, I was getting us packed and trying to do some last minute chores before we left and I noticed Gunner was acting weird. He had gone from playing and happy to SO sick, wouldn't move, and wasn't breathing.  So off to the vet we went. After a break down (me) and an IV and some meds (gunner) we left the vet with a sick, but MUCH better puppy.

Needless to say, I know he's just a dog, but we decided to stay home for the weekend just in case anything happened again. Sad we missed out on the beach fun considering that was probably our last chance to go out of town before baby arrives, but I know we can always go next year!

Anyway, we were left with a 3 day weekend and no plans, so I told my parents they should come and see us.:) The came in on Saturday and helped us SO much.

Mom helped me wash and iron all of Linley's crib and bassinet bedding, some of her clothes that are going in the hospital bag, and helped me to hang up lotsss of pictures that have just been sitting against the wall since we moved in. We also got some of her gifts set up and ready for her arrival!

And thankfully dad came too, because we were finally able to mount our tv above the fireplace. It's kind of a 2 person job, and no one lets me lift anything, so it has just been sitting on the fireplace since we moved in. Makes me so happy to see it hung up everyday now!

They took us out to dinner that night and then had to leave early the next day, but we are so grateful for all of their help! I know we could have done it all by ourselves, but it was such a relief to have lots of projects knocked out in an afternoon. 

What great parents Landon and I have been blessed with!!

This week and last have obvs been all about baby girl. I know with my luck she will be early if I am not prepared, so I am hoping to have it all done ASAP!
I set up her pack n play in our room to have a little changing station in there until she starts sleeping in her own room and I am pretty proud of myself. No help with it people!

I started washing 0-3 month clothes and I have to say, I kind of love it. Never been a big laundry fan and I'm sure the novelty of it will fade soon, but I love seeing her teeny clothes all cleaned and ready for her!

Crib bedding finally arrived last week and thankfully mom helped me put it on while they were here, because there's no way I could bend over that crib on my own and put the skirt on. No way. I'm huge.

And seeing it on there is making it more real! I love seeing her room come together and can't wait until it's finished so I can show it off:)

Everyday the girl gets mail. I'm pretty jealous about it. 

 And not baby related, but had to throw it in. The little boy at his checkup appt Tuesday. So cute.:)

We have an appt to meet with/interview a pediatrician today and after that our to-do's will be pretty minimal! Time is flying faster and faster every week!!

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  1. I have been kind of absent in the blog world lately, but I'm trying to catch up. I LOVE the name Linley...soooo cute!

    You will be so happy you got all of this stuff ready ahead of time. :)


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