Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting ready for baby&the weekend.

We are officially at 37 weeks today!! Full term finally!!! I know she needs to cook a little longer, but I am READY for Linley to be here. Sleeping comfortably is pretty much non-existent these days. I have an appt Friday and we will get to see her sweet face one more time before she arrives and hopefully we will have an update on when she may be here. 

 The last few weekends we have had Landon's mom in town, who generously took us grocery shopping (Landon's favorite when his momma's here) and got us stocked up on diapers! So sad that I was SO excited to get a huge box of them from Sam's. But for reals, made my day. Then we had my parents in town for my birthday. We are always having company/out of town for the weekend since we moved back it seems like. But this past weekend was our niece's birthday and we realized we couldn't go because it was so close to my DD. Sad! And weird. To think at literally ANY minute we could be headed to the hospital to have our sweet baby is a little mind boggling. 

With no plans and no visitors, we decided we best get last minute things ready for L. I finally painted the monogram I ordered for her room and I LOVE it. 


 I think I have finally finalized the hospital bag too. But I can't help feeling like I am forgetting something. Any advice on what to pack moms?? 

 And Landon installed the car seat in my car!! I turned around to back out of the driveway yesterday and I saw it sitting there and it kind of shocked me because I had already forgotten it was there! Eee can't wait for a baby to be back there in it!!:) 

 We did some house organizing and cleaning and I'm feeling a littleee better about her arriving any time. During this organizing, Landon went to target to grab a longer power cord for the tv and came back with this. 

SO nothing big, but made my heart so happy that he stopped and thought of her! What a great daddy he's going to be and already is!! 

 This came in yesterday and still needs a frame, but I love it. 

We are STILL waiting on the glider for Linley's room to come in, but as soon as it does I think her room will be complete! I know it doesn't really matter, but I want it done for her before she gets here. 

 We went on a little dinner date Friday night to Lopez, surprise surprise. Then our Trader Joe's finally opened so we went after dinner and stocked up on some of our favorite foods!

 I've so missed that place since moving from Pittsburgh. Fancy date night, I know;) but it could be our last for a while! Sunday was spent relaxing, checking on our fantasy teams on redzone(AKA napping for me). Not much, but we are spending as much time as possible relaxing before the girl gets here!!


  1. Yes, definitely relax and enjoy it being 'just the two of you' these last few DAYS of pregnancy! Getting to that point is such a surreal feeling, isn't it? :) She'll be here so soon.

    As for your hospital bag, you may already have these things, but take Aquaphor or A&D for L's hiney...those first poos are pretty sticky (sorry) and that makes clean-up easy. Lanolin for you for sure! And put it on after EVERY feeding...I never had cracking or bleeding thanks to that. Baby socks to anchor her jammies that she may be swimming in, your own swaddling blankets (Aden & Anais are the best), and your own shower stuff...the first shower will be one of the best of your life!

  2. Oh, and one more thing...take everything the hospital has to give! Dermaplast and Tucks pads will be your BFF. Their bulb syringes are WAY better than you can buy in the store, so ask for extras to take home!

  3. I can't wait to see the room completed! Your style is awesome and that print and moogram are to die forGood luck in these final days!!


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