Thursday, July 19, 2012

iphone update.

I've been horrible horrible about getting out my camera for pictures these days.
Thank goodness for iphones.

-I've been pretty much living at Marble Slab. Cheesecake ice cream w/a choc dipped cone is my drug of choice.
-I made this sweet and sour chicken last week and it was SO good. I had seen the recipe on pinterest so many times I finally decided to try it and am glad I did. I served it with brown rice and it was a hit. 
-Along with tons of ice cream, I devour these cherries alllll day long. If only they weren't always like $8 a bag.

-terrible picture, but I finally tried the sock bun! it is so easy, idk why I haven't been wearing my hair like this forever.

-So we didn't really do anything for the 4th this year so I decided to at least make a festive little dessert. And I couldn't find my star cookie cutter. FAIL.

-slowly but surely things are coming together in the little girl's room! the armoire and dresser have finally arrived and her closet is slowly filling up.
This girl has some very generous grandmothers! 
I am ready to start washing and putting everything away.

It's starting to sink in that we don't have much time left before this little nug is here.
We are going to paint her room this weekend and order crib and bassinet bedding ASAP!
ready ready.

-my mom went through some of my old baby things and found the little dress I wore home from the hospital. 
So sweet.
Dad washed it up for me and I can't wait to hang it in Linley's room!

-we took a quick weekend trip to Galveston this weekend with my family.
I know it's def not the prettiest beach, but it is a beach and only 45 minutes from us!
L and I loved it, the pups LOVED it and we are going back soon.
For reals.
I'll post pics lata once I get them off of the camera.

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