Monday, July 9, 2012


This Saturday I got to celebrate my favorite person.
Landon turned the big 2-6!
I'm so proud of him and am so lucky he is mine FEAEB.

We did a little pre-birthday celebrating on Friday with some of these babies.
Red velvet. That's all I'm saying.

L had to do some work this weekend, so I got to finally go see his office on Saturday.
What a professional.
I told him I think he needs a picture of me in it:)

I wanted to make him an actual birthday cake, 
and this is all he wanted.
Easy to please.

His fam sent him a sweet cookie bouquet.

Me and Linley girl before dinner!
I need to catch up on posting belly pics.
She is getting so big!

Dinner was a no brainer.

Landon loves him some Fuji's and has been begging me to go to Benihana,
so since it was his birthday and all,
we had to go.

It was not good.

Maybe we are just Fuji's brain washed?
It's just the best and this wasn't even close.

But I told the waitress it was Landon's birthday and so she brought him a cute little ice cream sundae,
sang to him and took our picture.
Fuzzy, but hilarious.
He was loving that hat.

We thought about going to a movie after dinner,
but we are lame and all Landon wanted to do was rent some movies and eat birthday cake.
Two of my favorite things so who was I to say no??

Happy birthday Landon!
Hope you had the best day and I love you so so much!!

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