Friday, June 8, 2012

June 1st.

June 1st, we finally got to meet our baby girl for the first time!

We had an appt with the eye doctor at 9:30 that morning and then our anatomy ultrasound right after.
It was tortureee waiting until 11.
I'm so glad our appt wasn't in the afternoon.

We rushed through the eye doctor,
then headed straight to the hospital for our U/S.
It was such a good morning and waiting for our names to be called was seriously like waiting for Christmas.
We were so excited to see what our little was going to be!
And sitting there waiting we didn't even care boy or girl, 
we just wanted a healthy little baby.

As soon as we were in the room my heart started racing.
It was only our 2nd u/s and I was so excited to see our baby again.
The tech had a hard time at first telling us the gender because little girl was moving like crazy.
She kept telling us our little baby was a mover!
This I had a feeling of because I had been feeling her swim around my belly for a few weeks now.

As soon as she got a good view she said
Yes it's a girl!
We already had a feeling, but as soon as she said it
I knew that's what I wanted and needed.

We had our boy name down and we loved it, 
but had been going back and forth between 2 girl names.
The second she said girl I knew baby girl's name.

Linley Blaire.
I'm so glad Landon loves it as much as I do.

After the tech went over every little body part and reassured Landon
that everything looked perfect,
we were off to lunch.

our first picture after finding out about baby girl!
hello swollen face! so nice to see you.

lunch at Landon's favorite.

And sopapillas for the momma.

We waited until after lunch to make the calls, 
so we had a few minutes to ourselves to talk about LBB!
And while we were eating I felt her kick for the very first time!!
Up until then, 
it was just a funny swimming feeling.
It was like she was telling me--I'm here, it's me!

We grabbed a Starbucks then went to Pottery Barn Kids after lunch to look at furniture,
and we have an appt to meet with a nursery designer this Saturday.
Hopefully we can get her furniture ordered so I can start working on her room!

LB bought Linley her first little swimmer from Target after PBK.

I die.
The ruffles.
So cute.

June 1st--you were the very best day. 
So excited about our baby girl!!

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