Tuesday, June 19, 2012


playing catch-up for the past few weeks...

-L and I met my parents in Dripping Springs a few weekends ago for Ashley and KJ's wedding.
I took these 3 pics only. 

hello fuzzy eye??

None even with the bride, but the wedding was gorgeous!!

-While we were at the above wedding, we stayed at a zoo.
It was the only hotel around that would take pets.
And it was hilarious.
But we got to see some cute little animals.

-Last weekend we ordered little girl's furniture.
We now have a teeny mattress and a bassinet in our house!

eeeek!! I love it:))

We still need bedding, but at least the big things are purchased.
Just waiting on them to arrive!

-Since I can't really buy clothes anymore, I've decided I need this orange tote in my life. That is all.

-Last Sunday I went with Landon to a car show down at Reliant Stadium.
Not really my thing, but his uncle had a car in the show and got us tickets.
Landon loved it and I actually had a better time than I thought I would!
And as soon as we arrived at the show,
a random lady came up and gave Landon a ticket for a free ride in one of the cars 
that were giving rides for $100 donations.
She said her hearing aids would blow if she rode in any of them,
so L gladly took her place.:))

biggest smile ever. so cute.

with his uncle's car.

-I found a great deal on plum district for Kendra Scott and finally snagged these earrings I've been wanting.

-I am trying to get this house in order and although we still need so much,
I have a few things that just don't have a place here.
like this.

It's not the best picture, but I am trying to sell it if anyone is interested!
It's huge and I still really like it, but I just don't have a place to put it.

-My parent's came to Houston for Father's day this year and we all had so much fun.
We grilled, went to the pool, and got to meet their new puppy Max.
We had 4 dogs in the house at once and it was craziness,
but Max is the cutest little puppy and fit right in.

Mom and dad had to leave early Sunday since it is such a long drive back to Abilene,
so we had an early breakfast at Black Walnut Cafe then church.

Those pancakes were so dang good and seriously bigger than my face.
ahh, I need them in my life every morning.

They had to rush off as soon as church was over so we didn't take any pics,
but I'm so thankful for my dad!
He's always there for me and always goes out of his way to do anything I ask of him.
Love you dad! So glad we got to see you this weekend!

-We finished up father's day with a little shopping and ice cream for my baby daddy to be.
L, you are going to be the greatest daddy to Linley girl-I know it!!
you already love her so much and I love seeing that in you.
Happy father's day LB:)

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