Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Oh my, so many crazy things have been happening the last two months. And the fact that our Internet did not get set up until FRIDAY hasn't helped me get back in the rhythm of posting either. Where to start, where to start?? Maybe back where my blog slump started. 

 Well, we had a love-filled February this year when we found out about our unexpected, but oh so sweet, little bean on February 15th. 

We kept it a secret from everyone until our first doctors appt and it was so. dang. hard. Luckily I never got sick or had any food aversions, so it wasn't obvious to anyone but me. I was just mainly exhausted, and took many a nap in those first few weeks.:) And so began my unplanned blogging break because I had so much to talk about, but was trying to keep it all a secret at the same time! 

 Before we even knew about the little, we were working on getting back to TX. God is so good and doubly blessed us with a little miracle in February and an amazing job offer in Houston in March. We could not have planned it any better and as much as we longed to get back to TX before, God's plan was so much better! The timing was truly perfect. 

With our moms' help, we packed up and started our trek back to the great state on March 30. 

We had a few stressful days and car trouble of course, but driving across that state line was the best feeling ever! Oh and so was stopping at the first Bueno we could. I never want it until I can't have it. 

L sporting his glasses to help w the car!

Driving by downtown Houston- where Landon works! 

Once we finally made it to Houston we were on a mad dash to find a house to rent -until we know the neighborhoods- and get home for Easter. After looking at so many nasty, creepy houses, I could not be happier with the one we found. I love love love the neighborhood and it's almost 3x bigger than the teeny apartment we had grown accustomed, so we pretty much feel like we live in a mansion. A very furniture- lacking mansion ha. Working on that though. 

Easter was craziness--we drove to Abilene first and got in late Thursday night. We spent time with my parents, ate lunch at hickory street, and got pedicures. And dad made me a cobbler. Me loves a cobbler. 

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Fredericksburg to have Easter with L's family. I didn't even get a single picture! Don't think I've ever missed an Easter morning pic, but we were in such a hurry and time just got away from me. Our time was short and sweet there, and then we were on the road back to Houston Sunday afternoon. 

We luckily were able to get the keys to our house and have a week to move in before L started his first day of work. 

First meal in the new house! I've been craving subway with tons of banana peppers and a little ranch. Yum. 

The week flew by, but we were lucky enough that Landon's parents came and took us to dinner at Lopez on Friday night and my parents came Saturday night and took us to eat, helped me get things hung so Landon didn't have to worry about it, and bought the puppies some treats. 
These little weekends are what you miss the most! You don't realize how lucky you are to just be able to hop in the car and go see your family until you can't.

Landon started his job mid-April and I could not be more proud of him!! 
First day picture:))

more to come...

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  1. Holy cow...exciting stuff going on for you guys! I could not get enough banana peppers this pregnancy! Seriously I have eaten my weight in them plus some haha!


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