Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have been in Houston for almost a month now and are finally getting settled and into a little routine. 
We are loving it here.
I love some bullets, so here goes... what we've been up to lately..

-After Landon's first week of work I made him one of his favorites, chicken and rice, and a funfetti cake to celebrate. So proud of you LB!

-I think we are officially grown-ups. This recent purchase has me way too excited about laundry...

-a few weekends ago we went to dinner with a friend of mine from college and her husband. It was so nice to catch up! Glad to be back in the same town again. And Landon got to see one of his high school friends this weekend. He was in heaven.

-my sister and her bf came to see us a week or so ago. We did the usual- chili's, galleria, movies. Oh and I got us this clutch from Target. She sent me to get it for her and I decided I needed one too!

-I think it's time I get a new header for this little blog. We aren't in the burgh anymore! Can anyone recommend someone to design one for me?? 

-Sunday husband dropped me off at Target while he went to get a haircut. Not a good idea. It took forever and the longer I'm in that store, the more my basket seems to accumulate. And it was frappy hour at Starbucks. 

But I did pick up this new cookbook. 

I've been wanting it, it was on sale, and I was left unsupervised in Target. What was I supposed to do?? Can't wait to find some new recipes!

-Landon finally got a new grill! It was like Christmas morning for him. He has asked me everyday since if I want him to cook out.:)

-the pups are loving the deck we have. seriously. so weird. they sit at the door wanting to go out and then just run to lay on the deck when I let them.

-we have been having such nice weather here lately, so we have been taking every opportunity to go outside and take the boys on walks around the neighborhood.

-I have found a new go-to meal! Lasagna skillet. Do it. I've made it a few times already and we love it. So easy and makes TONS. And I can blend up carrots and zucchini in the food processor, throw them in, and hubs doesn't have a clue:)

-finally found a new rug for the kitchen. You can find it here. Loving it so far. It's technically an indoor/outdoor rug, but it's surprisingly soft!
Here's a shot of Trig modeling it for ya...

I'm sure there's so much more I've forgotten, but that's the best I can do for now!! Promise not to be a slacker anymore-- 

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