Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's officially imposs to see the seat belt under my belly. 





 Clearly I'm getting large and in charge. 
I even had my first preg comment today from someone I didn't know! 
Granted it was from my awkward banker, who kinda creeps me out on the regular, but still. 
His exact words were "what do we have going on here??" as he is wildly gestering with his hands pointed at my stomach while I am clearly covering my stomach with my purse and have on a super loose top. 
He's either real brave, or I'm a giant already. 

 Anyway I can't believe we are already halfway there! 
We have our anatomy scan Friday and I can't wait! Just ready to know. 
 I'm still thankfully feeling great and have only had one more leg cramp experience, but that was after I had gotten a pre-natal massage and my therapist squeezed the shiz out of my legs. 
Other than that no complaints! 
I even got motivated and started our registry today.
 I'm not even close to being done, but feel better about just starting it instead of procrastinating. 
As soon as Friday comes around I'm sure I'll add lots of pinks/blues to it!:)

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