Wednesday, May 9, 2012

dressing the bump.

Lately, dressing this baby has become a challenge.
 I am still in all of my regular clothes, but they just don't look the same.
Not to mention that this belly changes all day, every day. 

Take this picture for example...

Both at 15 weeks and literally taken ONE hour apart-one at home and one in a dressing room.
What the heck?!
As the day goes, the belly gets bigger.
And as the next morning comes,
back to small again.

I think I am just going to have to be thankful it's almost summer time,
so I can get away with wearing comfy dresses everyday.

I've picked these up on the cheap, at old navy and target and am loving them...

I apparently can't get away from the stripes.

And speaking of summer,
I took the plunge and bought a swimsuit.
It was time considering this is TX,
and I love being outside in the summer.
Plus we are going on a little weekend get-away in July to the beach w/my parents,
and I knew I better just get it over with now.

So, I bought this one-piece.

And I pretty much feel like a life guard.
I haven't worn a one piece in IDK how long,
but trust me,
no one wants to see this white tum right now.

I am so so happy for the reason my clothes aren't fitting right now,
don't get me wrong!
It's just such a weird feeling to not know exactly what is going to look good on you when you get dressed.

I think these next few months, I'll just work on my
shoe collection...:)

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