Tuesday, May 8, 2012

baby b.

A little baby update-- 

February 15th, first day we found out about the little; still in shock! 

March 2nd we had our first doctor's appt (I think pics from appt are on Landon's phone- hopefully I'll find soon.), called our family, and then Landon took me out to celebrate. 

March 30th, the day we started our drive back to TX, we had our 2nd appt and our moms got to come with us. The doctor we were seeing doesn't usually do ultrasounds until the 3rd or 4th appt, but L convinced them to let us have one:) so glad our moms got to be there with us and see the newest babe! Oh and we won't find out boy or girl for 2 more weeks, but based on the 158+ heartbeat we have had at both appts, I'm thinking girl! Not even surprised-- girls seem to run in our family! 

Between moving, packing, being stuck in hotels, etc I haven't been the best at taking pics, but here are some so far. 

10 wks--

14 wks--

15 wks--

16 wks, 2 days--

Maybe I will be better about getting Landon to take belly pics, but usually I'm in pjs when he gets home. 

Today we are officially 17 weeks!! I can't even believe it has already been so long. 

Pj's are on, sorry, but we have def popped:)

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  1. Congratulations!! How exciting for y'all! We're only one month into this thing, and I can tell you it's the most beautiful blessing :) Looking forward to keeping up with Baby B here.


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