Sunday, January 8, 2012

This time last year.

December 27, 2010 Landon and I left our teeny town of Abilene and started our very own adventure in Pittsburgh.

In some ways that feels like forever ago, and in some it feels like just yesterday.
Grateful for how well we have adjusted to our new life, though it is hard at times and we miss home.
We have been so lucky to see family almost every month that we have lived in PA.
Never thought that would be the case, but we made it happen!

After Christmas this year, we weren't loading up a u-hual and trekking across the country to the east coast, but instead enjoying our family, food, and after Christmas shopping.

--I loaded up on ornaments that I can't wait to get on the tree next year.

--L's sister bought us the first book of the Hunger Games, so we pretty much had our heads buried in them the whole trip.


--we made sugar cookies with dad's new mixer and the ATM cookie cutter sister gave the parents.

--had lunch at Cypress Street with family

--And Perini's with the Berg's when Lesley and Andy finally got in town!

Have I missed Perini's. I need to learn how to make their strawberry shortcake.
I could eat that stuff for days.

A relaxing ending to our time at home and the rush of Christmas--See you sometime A-town!!

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  1. I'm sure that you have learned so much since you moved to PA. I know when we left our home & moved out south, we were really nervous to start the new adventure. But it's been great! I know how nice it is to visit home though, glad you guys had a great time!


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