Thursday, January 12, 2012

A smoothie a day.

So I love smoothies. Really I do. But the last time I went to Orange Julius I saw the girl making mine with no gloves and I wanted to vomit a little. Her grody little fingers were all over my banana. That kind of made me never want to go there again. I couldn't even choke down more than a couple of sips, though I wanted too since I had just paid $4 for it. Sick. 

 Lately though, I've been craving them. So instead of risking another finger smoothie, I started scouring the internet for a good recipe. After a while of searching and coming up with nothing I remembered my parents used to always make these pb, strawberry, and banana smoothies that were so delish. I couldn't remembered the recipe exactly, but I came pretty close to a taste I remember and have been drinking them like crazy.

 Strawberry-Banana Smoothie 

 6-8 frozen strawberries (any mixed frozen fruit works!) 
1 banana 
1/2 c-3/4 c orange juice
 1/2 c-1c Greek vanilla yogurt --they used to use peanut butter here, I think 1/2c-- very good alternative! 
Orange sherbet ice cream 

 Basically just dump everything in your blender and drink up! And the measurements do not have to be exact. I never measure anything out, just eyeball it and try to remember how much I liked for the next time I make it. I usually use around 1 cup of the yogurt and the ice cream always varies. If I am making it at night for a little post-dinner dessert, I usually put a little extra:)) 

 This makes lots for just 1 person, so I have been freezing the extras to have for breakfast the next day or if Landon sees me making them he downs the rest. Never any leftovers in this house! 

 It is by no means a "health drink" but it is a great way for me to get in that extra fruit and yogurt during the day!

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  1. Sounds yummy! I will have to tell my husband about this, since he is on this smoothie kick!


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