Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy new year!!

Landon and I spent New Years weekend in Austin for yet ANOTHER wedding. Crazy to me that so many people decide to get married AFTER we move away from Texas. 

It was a whirlwind weekend that started with us getting into town Friday night, running late to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner of course. The dinner was at an Italian restaurant and was so good! I think about 25 plates of food were delivered to our table before were done eating.

 Landon and the groom.

 Once dinner was over, I headed back to the hotel because I couldn't tear myself away from the Hunger Games any longer, and Landon went out with the groom and other groomsmen. 
And I swear 5 minutes after I left him he texted me to tell me his semi-brand new phone had already gotten broken.
 Not a good start to the night.

 But oh well. These things are always happening to us.
 And it was nothing a quick stop at the Apple store and $200 couldn't fix. 
Not happy about that. 

Or the fact that it took about an hour to sync his old broken phone to his new one, but it did afford me an hour to find these fabulous boots and dream about all of the things I would buy from the pottery barn that was going out of business if only we lived in Texas still. 

 Lunch, and getting ready followed. Look how cute in his tux! 

 The wedding was in Austin's hill country and reminded me so much of where our wedding was. The winery was beautiful and so were the bride and groom!

 Congrats Jarrod and Ngozi! So happy we were there to celebrate with y'all!
And Happy New Year!! 2011 was unforgettable, so here's to 2012!!

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