Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gingerbread fun!

Landon and I landed in Texas on the 21st, ready to be home and for our Christmas break to begin. As soon as we got there, mom forced us to take some family pictures.
Hello white legs. Someone forgot her tights.

 Then we obviouslyyyy had to go to Abuelos after. 

 After dinner, sister and I made our very own gingerbread house. Not quite as beautiful as the ones we saw downtown, but still so fun.   

My side.

I did the front too!
And hers.

Oh and Landon and Justin tried to help.
They did the back. I think we got snowed in.

The masterpiece!

 Then the four kids had to play some wahoo. I really didn't want to. But i was forced and it's tradition!

 We do it every Christmas. The boys killed us though. Next year sister!

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