Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Celebration!

Christmas eve came way too fast this year. 
Before I knew it we were opening presents with my family before the candlelight service at church. 

Mom's tree.

 Present time!!

 We got lots of goodies this year, yet somehow I only have a picture of me with two shirts, ha. 

Got sister a matching makeup bag! love mine.

L's new watch.

Anddd the man has Uggs now. 

Dad got mom an iphone to get her out of the stone age. The woman still had a razor!

Pa's new mixer--we made some delish sugar cookies with that baby.

 Every Christmas eve, my family does gifts, church, then Christmas eve dinner at granny's house with all of the cousins. 
 My mom made my chili and rice krispies-a hit mom, you did great!-
 This year we did dinner differently, and everyone kind of had a little of this and a little of that, then it was gift time.

 I forgot my camera, but I did snap a pic of these cute girls trying on the dress up clothes my mom got them.

 They loved them!

 After presents and dinner, L's parents and the Crowell Crew came to pick us up to go look at Christmas lights and search for Santa!
 We are so lucky our parents practically live down the street from each other!
 It makes the holidays so much less stressful with the minimal travel we have to do to see each other.

 The lights were great, yet I feel like there used to be so many more when were younger. 
I know it's hard to get them up, but I love all of the houses that do.
 It truly makes it feel just a little more merry around this time of year!

 We headed back to my parents house for the night and put on the matching jammies mom got us.

This year was a little different because we did stockings with my family Christmas morning, then went over to Landon's to have breakfast casserole and do more gifts with his family. we missed you this year Lesley! 

 Christmas lunch with my family follows and our crew just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

I liked Landon and David's matching boots :))


Me and sister.

Wish I had taken more pictures with everyone, but the time always gets away from me!

 Every year for as long as I can remember us girls would go see a movie on Christmas.
 Well this year Landon and I had to go over to his parents for dinner, so we missed the movie with my cousins, but did go see Sherlock Holmes with his sister and her husband. 

Oh and did I mention ALL of us fell asleep at some point during the movie. Wow. How old am I to be falling asleep in movie?? It was only 10! Oh well. I had already seen it anyway:)).

 Such a Merry Christmas this year!! So blessed!

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