Saturday, December 10, 2011

The weekend.

Last weekend was full of Christmas fun.
We had Landon's office party on Friday. It was a fun night full of food, prizes, and dancing!

There were some great gifts, unfortunately we didn't get any of them.
Hello, Sears gift card. Ha. Maybe we can find some tools we need??

Still, there's nothing like a Christmas party!

Some of Cabot's finest. Note the flowers? Those were my prize.

Saturday, we headed downtown with the Wagners to do some ice skating.

 The line was SO long, so we just watched a bit. And guess who we happened to see doing a little skating of her own??

Real Housewife Love.

We saw her probably 64729164 times in the market square, but I was too nervous to take her picture.

Instead of skating, we walked around the square and checked out all of the santas and gingerbread houses. We saw them the first time we visited PA last year, and I love them. I kind of want to make one this year. 

Dinner at Primanti's and a movie wrapped up our night. 

And Sunday was spent shopping, relaxing, ordering Christmas cards, and making Chex Mix. Oh how I love the weekend.

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  1. What a fun weekend! You totally should have asked to get a picture. :) Love the picture of the two of you by the tree, so pretty!


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