Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving in Texas.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Landon and I headed to Texas. This time, with pups in tow.

They did so much better on the plane than I thought they would, though Gunner whined a little on the way.

We had such a fun and yummy week with family. Our first few days in Texas were spent in Abilene, seeing old friends and family. Dad welcomed us with homemade cookies and Blue Bell, and I made our favorite pretzels upon arriving.

We had fresh donuts and kolaches one morning. Heavenly.

Seriously Pittsburgh, where are the donut shops here??? Someone please tell me!

We celebrated my sister's birthday on Tuesday at Abuelos, of course-Just one trip of 3-then Wednesday we were off to Dallas to have Thanksgiving with Landon's family.

Thanksgiving morning, we ran the Turkey Trot with everyone.

Landon and I had not decided to do it until last minute, but I'm glad we did. Felt so good afterwards. We only ran the 5k because we accidentally took a wrong turn. But I'm kind of glad. No way I had 8 miles in me. So out of shape.

Lunch was spent at L's aunt's and was so good. And it's always good to spend time with that side of Landon's fam.

Friday morning we had to jet right back to Abilene for my cousin's wedding, so for once I did NO shopping on Black Friday. I've only ventured out early once (though I dont think anything is really worth it, I just wanted to experience it!) but I always go into the stores sometime during the day. No time this year though! Our trips home are always quick.

Friday night's wedding...

I had never been to the venue, though I have lived in Abilene forever, but it was gorgeous!

Sadly we had to say goodbye on Saturday, but it wasn't too bad this time knowing we will be home again in 3 weeks. How blessed are we?? Seriously. We are on a plane home every month it seems like. So much to be thankful for this year.

And on our way back, Landon's dad upgraded us to first class!! It. Was. Awesome. Thanks Larry! I don't know if Landon can go back. He informed me that "from now on, we should just fly first class." Um ok, probably not going to ever fly it again, but keep dreaming babe!

It was a perfect flight home.

Except when I was reading and felt little puppy paws on my feet. Oh Gunner, I don't know how you escaped, but I'm so happy you didn't run down that aisle!!

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  1. What a fabulous Thanksgiving! Sounds wonderful! Great pictures! You look gorgeous in all of them. :)


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