Saturday, December 17, 2011


How does the month of December always seem to fly by??
I have been a major slacker on the blog lately. No excuse either, just getting caught up in Christmas.. I love this time of year!!

--I put up our Christmas decor as soon as we got back from Texas. Not much since we will be leaving AGAIN in a few days. Also, I don't really have much since last year was our first married Christmas, then Landon got the job here in PA and we had to move TWO days after Christmas. Don't recommend it. Tree was down a week before Christmas. Tear.

We decided not to pull out our huge tree since we wouldn't be in town and compromised by buying a teensy frasier fir.

--Such a happy surprise when I pulled this from our mailbox yesterday! Thanks Jennifer!

--I think next year the pups need their very own monogrammed stocking. I'm thinking this..

--saddest thing about traveling over the holidays has to be the lack of presents under the tree. I know it's not practical to wrap presents then try to shove them in a suitcase, but we have 4. FOUR.

--I tried to get all of my clothes organized and packed early. This is as far as I've gotten. fail.

--I've been dreaming of this. I am thinking of scrounging up my Christmas money and placing an order the second we get home.

You like?

--Gretchen ordered me a cake pop maker. Words can't express my excitement. I am about to embark on a Sunday of baking, and I think cake pops have just been added to the list.

--Santa and his reindeer hahaha
 First year ever they aren't getting their picture taken with the real Santa.

--I have now watched Christmas Vacation 9089348 times. #favoritemovieever.

--being done Christmas shopping early is really not too smart. I keep finding "perfect" presents and everything's on sale and then I remember I've done everyone's shopping so then I think, hmm maybe I need it....

--Christmas crafting has been going down alllll morning and I love it. And Michael Buble makes it 1000x better.

Well the countdown is officially on and we are 8 days from Christmas!! Yayyy!

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  1. We didn't put up our tree either, it's so hard when you are not there on Christmas to actually enjoy it. Those cake pops look adorable!


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