Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First snow and Jack-o-lanterns.

This past Saturday morning I walked out the door around 8 or so to head to Target, and was totally caught off guard by this...

Ahh! Snow! In October!!
Told you I needed these mom.

I really loved it.

I know people who have always lived here may not be so happy, but I'm still in awe by the snow. Especially when it comes before Halloween.

When I got back from Target, I forced Landon out of bed and made him go outside with me. Good thing we did because our 2 inches were gone by the afternoon.

That night I made chili and pb fudge rice krispies--I'll post later!--and Gretchen and Tom came over to watch scary movies and carve up our pumpkins.

I carved the same design I did the year before and the guys did some scary ones.
Mine on the left, Tom's on the right.
Landon made a joker face pumpkin, but I didn't snap a pic because he didn't get finished until the next night.
It's pretty awesome tho!

Amelia came as a cutie strawberry! I couldn't catch her smiling face because she stopped every time my camera came out, but Landon was so cute wanting to hold her.

I wish I had the pups in their costume with Amelia, but Monday, they got dressed up in them. they are old, but I love them. And they miraculously still fit!

Precious sharkies.

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  1. Snow already?? I am not looking forward to it. I have been meaning to ask you, where in PA are you? You can respond in an email. :)


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