Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This past Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Landon's family started trickling into Pittsburgh.
The purpose for their visit was for a post-wedding reception for Landon's sister--Lesley--who just happened to marry someone from Pittsburgh.
But I'm going to pretend like they kind of wanted to see us too.:)

Wednesday night, L's parents got in.
Thursday we ran errands, watched The Rangers, and waited for his sister--Laura--and her girls to get in.
They finally got here around 11:45, and we were so happy they made it!

Friday started kind of slow because we had all been up late, but we finally made our way downtown for Target, then lunch at BRGR.

Next was Trader Joes and then a quick stop at Anthro.

After a little shopping, we took everyone back to the little coffee shop we took Landon's parents their first time in Pittsburgh.

Brother and sister! love them.

Oh Laney, so cute. 

The day was long, and we went back to the house for dinner and a quick run.

Saturday, we showed off The Strip.

This guy... no words..

I finally got to go to the Popcorn shop on the strip! We sampled lots and I picked cheese, but I think the buffalo was my fave. Next time.

Landry HAD to have this dessert. She loved it. 

Laura and I tried the oysters and they were sooo good. Loved them.

I couldn't get mine out at first! Hilarious.

Saturday night was the reception. L's whole family was there and we had so much fun eating and roasting marshmallows.

I wanted a picture of Landon and his sisters, but this sweet picture..

turned into this...

Could. NOT. stop laughing.
I love y'all.

Sunday was brunch, saying goodbyes to Lesley and Andy, and getting everyone packed up.

Monday, Laura and the girls left and his parents were supposed to leave as well, but their plane was delayed and they got to stay one more night with us.

It was a fast and crazy few days, but still so fun! Miss y'all already!!

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