Thursday, October 27, 2011

San Antone.

A few weekends ago, Landon and I headed to San Antonio for yet ANOTHER wedding for one of Landon's friends in college.

We were able to stay with his sister and get a little family time, and we were glad to be back in TX.

We got in Friday, spent a little time with L's sister and nieces, then we were off to rehearsal dinner for the rest of the night.

Saturday, Landon had his little wedding duties all day, so I went with his parents and sister to watch his niece
--Laney-- at her soccer game.

She did such a good job and was a cutie running around that field with her little ponytail.

After the game, I met Landon at the wedding.

Giving his Best Man speech. He did so good! I would have been way nervous if that was me.

These 2 were hilarious.

Landon and the Groom.

We had to leave early on Sunday, so we didn't get too much time there, but I love that we have been able to go home so often since moving here. Plus L's whole family literally just left from visiting us HERE in PA, so I can't complain too much.:))

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  1. What a fun getaway! Looks like you guys had a great time. Super cute pics. You are so adorable. :)


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