Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have been MIA for a little while now, in case you didn't notice! Last week was crazy. My mom and grandparents were coming into town on Thursday, so I started the week off on Monday trying to get a few things done early. Did the same on Tuesday, but near the end of the day was feeling pretty tired and had the worst headache.

Wednesday I woke up at about 2:30 feeling like DEATH. Seriously, I never get sick and had never felt that bad. It was so bad I couldn't sleep, sit up, or even drive, so I just stayed home all day and waited until Landon got off work and he took me to the walk in clinic.

Umm... I had strep! What the?? Never had strep before in my life and this was the worst timing EVER!

Well, we left the clinic with prescriptions, thinking once I got them started I would be fine seeing as how my family would be in the NEXT day.

Not the case.

I was sick all night and the next morning, couldn't hold anything down, my heart was racing, and the doctor sent me to the ER.

Well I was extremely dehydrated so I was given an IV and tons of meds and -5 hours later- was sent home right before they arrived.

I wasn't the greatest host while they were here and literally didn't leave the apartment once except Sunday just for a quick errand, but thankfully Landon took them out to horse races and museums while I rested. I missed out on all the fun, but mom brought me back a cookbook from the museum to make me feel a little better:)

I'm so sad I didn't get to do much this weekend, but it was kind of nice to have family in town to take care of me. They were a huge help with just picking up, running to the store for me, and forcing me to take my meds. Thankful for my family-- it was so good seeing them this weekend, sick and all!


  1. Oh no! That is no fun. I'm sorry you were so sick, but glad it is over. Hope things continue to get better for you!

  2. Glad we could be there......we did get to see you and Landon and the "boys"! It was great to be with you both no matter what! Just glad you were feeling better when we left!


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