Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've done a few little crafty things lately.
Nothing major.

I have been looking for a wreath for the front door for a while, but I wanted this one in cream.
And I couldn't justify $40.

So I found a tutorial on pinterest for a wreath that looks nothing like the one above, but I thought was so cute.
I followed the directions and the hardest part was cutting all of the little circles!

Love it.

The next was a little project for the bathroom.
I've seriously changed my bathroom at least 3 times, but apartment bathrooms are just hard.

I wanted one of these to hang on the wall, but for some reason they are ridiculously expensive!
Don't get it.

Well, I decided to just get online and order my own sea fan from a little shell shop.
After it arrived I searched and searched for the perfect white shadow box, and finally found one for 10 bucks at target.
It had a black background, and my sea fan was black, so I just bought a piece of white foam and set it on top of the black, and placed the sea fan on top of that!

And viola!
Love this too. And only about $15.

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