Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This Saturday was boringly perfect. 

I drank lots of coffee,

Then snuggled in bed with my puppy loves.

Oh and since
I kind of become a shopaholic on
we totes went to the mall.

Landon used up a giftcard and got some new kicks,
I finally found the perfect glass 
for my makeup brushes.

Then found the perfect pumps for this weekend.
Only $29! 
That, my friends,
is why I buy shoes at Marshall's.

And because Marshall's just happens to be
right next door to TJ Maxx,
I just had to venture in and take a peek

Hello, perfect lamp.

I've been looking for a floor lamp,
but everything I like is about $100.

This one was $30!

Doesn't she look good behind my chair??

After shopping it up,
we went home and 
I decided to do a little fun organization to the
old apartment.

Um in case I haven't mentioned it,
it's TINY.
AKA, no closet space.

I had gotten a clothing rack to help with the
whole closet situation,
and finally got it up and organized.
I love the space for bins on the bottom,
and the fact that I can 
showcase my current favorites.

I also finally found a good use for the bowl
Gretchen got me a few weeks ago.
It's such a cute alternative for storing
all of my nail polish,
and I love being able to display it!

Lastly, I added a shutter, that I had in our room,
behind the wreath in the guest room.
I like so much better this way.

The rest of the day was filled with Panera
and movies.
My favorites.
How I wish every day was Saturday.

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  1. Love that floor lamp and $30 seriously?! What a steal!


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